We promised we’d do it so here it is! We’ve hit 4,000 followers on Twitter, and we wanted an easy way to track people who are interested in winning the digital code found in the back of the large (and awesome) Infinity hardcover so here we are. If you’re interested in winning this digital code, and you follow us on Twitter, all you need to do is comment below with your Twitter handle (IE @AllComic_) and in a few days we’ll pick a winner at random (thanks to something like random.org) and then that person gets to enjoy this great collection, for free–well, okay, you have to follow us. But, as close to free as we can possibly get!

For those that aren’t aware, here’s some more information on this collection:

The year’s most anticipated blockbuster cosmic event is here, as the Marvel Universe marches towards Infinity! The mad titan Thanos makes his world-shattering return, and his armies fire the opening shots of a galactic war that will be fought both on Earth and in deep space – with our heroes caught between both battles! As Thanos’ secrets are revealed, the Inhumans’ city of Attilan falls, and the Illuminati find themselves on the front line! And as every Origin Site on Earth goes active, the Builders enter the Marvel Universe. But can the Avengers return to Earth in ti me to save it, when betrayal in the Galactic Council has left them prisoners of war? Galactic empires will fall as Thanos’ crazed plans come to fruition! (via Amazon)

COLLECTING: Infinity 1-6, New Avengers 7-12, Avengers 14-23, Infinity: Against the Tide Infinite Comic 1-2

by Jonathan Hickman, Jim Cheung, Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver and more.


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