by Larime Taylor & Jay Savage

A Voice in the Dark returns with a whole new arc and now fully in color this week. This is the first issue in the Get Your Gun storyline and is also an excellent jumping on point for new readers. Radio host, Zoey is fighting her urges to kill but after recently giving in she finds she now has a murderous secret admirer.

Coming into A Voice in the Dark fresh with this arc was very easy. The bullet points on the beginning credits page got right to the point and gave any new readers all they need to know about Zoey up to this point. Larime Taylor does an impeccable job of writing an easy introduction issue that also keeps the pace going for returning readers. As for Taylor’s story, this is actually a pretty interesting look at a young serial killer struggling with problems both internally and externally.

Being a modern crime story, Larime’s art does this murder mystery justice. Being such a grounded story, the art doesn’t need to be bombastic and distracting. A Voice in the Dark’s subtle and realistic art style serves its purpose for this story. Now that this series is in full color, it actually brings a lot of depth to the overall feel of this issue. Some comics do look better as just black and white but I found A Voice in the Dark was more enjoyable with colors by Jay Savage on this issue.

This issue’s claim to be a great jumping on point was the absolute truth! This story is engaging and flows very smoothly from start to finish. The simple plot combined with deep characters won me over by the end of this issue. Readers both returning and brand new should be more than happy with A Voice in the Dark: Get Your Gun.


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