By Greg Pak & Aaron Kuder (with Mike Hawthorne)

After the reigns were handed over to Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder with issue #25, it’s easy to see why DC Comics chose this team for Action Comics. Only a few issues in, Pak and Kuder have made Action and Superman interesting again—maybe for the first time since at least the beginning of the New 52 for this reviewer.

Greg Pak just seems to have a way with Big Blue and he makes him much more than a one dimensional God-like character. There’s depth to Superman, there’s almost a sense of vulnerability, and it’s just a great way to see this generally invincible and arguably boring character. The emotional bond he feels for Baka, formerly the crazy rampaging monster on the cover of the last issue, is strong and it’s a great parallel to the troubles and feelings his adopted parents might have gone through with him.

Last issue, Aaron Kuder absolutely killed it on the art. That’s not to say he didn’t kill it again, but he wasn’t the only artist on this book—Mike Hawthorne pitched in for a few pages—and it’s a shame because his look and feel really helped to make the last issue as great as it was. Consistency in the art department is big for this reviewer, but it’s understandable that these guys are busy and Big Two schedules for their comics is grueling so based on the great work he did from page 9 and on, it’s probably okay to let it slide this time. That being said, Kuder’s pages are just as awesome as they were in the last issue. His monsters absolutely rock; his take on Superman might be the best in the entire New 52, or at least right up there with Jedi Master Jim Lee, and his layouts and style just work perfectly with the story Pak is presenting.

It might have been said last time, but Action Comics might just be the best comic that is about or involves Superman right now. Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder work great together and it is a team that DC hopefully keeps together for the foreseeable future. Multiple artists on one book might not be a personal favorite, but these artists do a superb job with the awesome story from Pak. If you’re missing good Superman books, pick up Action. You won’t be sorry you did.


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