By Greg Pak, Scott Kolins & Wil Quintana

Superman’s new Doomed story arc requires the use of all Superman-related titles to tell it, reminiscent of an older story that also featured Doomsday, and it turned out to be pretty successful. Now, is Superman: Doomed as good as The Death of Superman? Not right now, but it is surely proving to be one of the most interesting Superman stories since the launch of the New 52, if only because of how different and unique it has already become. Greg Pak and company are tasked with providing the next installment in this new story arc that is certainly living up to its name. Superman has encountered problems that have been too great, mentally and physically, but never has he faced an enemy such as this.

Superman is turning into his own worst nightmare, literally, and it requires the coordination of his enemies like Lex Luthor and Metal Zero to hatch a plan to stop him. Only several issues into the Doomed storyline and it is already as captivating and unique as ever. Pak gives readers multiple perspectives into Superman’s problems, because when Superman has problems, they tend to affect everyone around him as well. Wonder Woman sets out to find the source of Superman’s condition, whereas Lois seems to be on the side of stopping Superman for good. It is a very intriguing story that showcases characters in certain states of mind that we’ve never seen them in before, along with a Superman like we’ve never seen before. We’re almost led to root against Superman in some parts of this issue and cheer for the supporting characters plotting against him. Agreeing with Lex Luthor is like staying up late when you know you have things to do the next day, just something you regret.

As soon as the book begins we’re given a full shot of Superman and it is instantly clear that this issue, visually, is going to be spectacular. One has to suspect, with all the deadlines the creators have, that parts of the art may fall short due to the amount of time and effort that go into them, but they’d be wrong. Cover to cover, the art by Kolins and Quintana is beautiful. Kolins’ designs are spot on as each character is easily recognizable and his art could be used as a great template for anyone wanting to learn how to draw these characters. Beyond Kolins’ lines are Quintana’s colors, which steal the show in terms of art, and make the book more colorful and pleasing to the eye. The combined work of all the creators who contribute to the art shouldn’t change a thing because whatever they are doing, they’re producing gorgeous comic pages.

Since the launch of the New 52 Superman’s character and the stories he’s been involved with have been somewhat positive, but most were unfortunately off target. Doomed looks to provide a new path for what should be one of the most successful characters in comics, and hopefully with more issues like this one, he will be.


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