By Frank Gibson, Becky Dreistadt, Ian McGinty & Fred Stresing

What could be more fun than Fionna and Cake having their own book? Baby Fionna and Cake having their own collection of mini adventures! The first thing you’ll notice during the first story is the art, it doesn’t feel like the typical Adventure Time cartoon style, you actually feel like you’re reading a story book written by the original Fionna and Cake fan fiction creator: the Ice King. It was a very immersive feeling that really makes you feel like you’re reading a book written in the Adventure Time world. The first few pages show off the talents of Becky Dreistadt and Ian McGinty as they shows off their skills at drawing different varying styles of our favourite flip side characters from storybook style with lighter colours to the more cartoon style with richer colours and more exaggerated body movements we’re used to. The one constant in the already high quality art work of  Becky Dreistadt and excellent colouring of Fred Stresing, which is a trademark of the Adventure Time books, is the wide and extreme depths to the faces and eyes of our most beloved characters. Very good art and colours in Annual 2014 and will leave you wanting more.

Oh my glob, the stories in Annual 2014 are good, you’ve got a total of 7 to look forward to enjoying including some pretty good one pagers that will give you a very solid laugh. The Ice Queen is up to her old tricks of trying to befriend Prince Bubblegum in her own way which usually involves involuntary hang out sessions and it’s Fionna and Cake to the rescue! The fact that we were preparing for her 6th birthday party doesn’t matter to our hero as her friend needs help, and helping out is the mathematical thing to do! The thing about Fionna and Cake that, unlike other comics or TV shows that do a gender reversal, or gender bender, is that our girls in Adventure Time have their own unique personalities, emotions and ways of dealing with different situations and people like the Ice Queen, or Lumpy Space Prince teaching his infamous mustache growing techniques. We also get a little sneak peak at five year old Fionna’s ability to sing in Español. With Annual 2014, the focus here is on quality of stories not quantity and it really shows as Gibson & McGinty will keep you smiling and laughing all the way through.

Whether it’s getting hair in cupcakes, Cake schooling us on grooming techniques, funny coloured snowball fights or our girls saving their friends. The Adventure Time Annual 2014 is definitely worth picking up. There isn’t a page that at the very least won’t induce a giggle. This book is ALGEBRAIC! A very good twist on the flip side universe and absolutely worth adding to your pull list.


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