By Victor Gischler, Will Conrad & Michelle Madson

Last Wednesday’s  Angel & Faith was another solid issue in what is shaping up to be an impressive series, with Victor Gischler proving that he’s the right creator to take over this book from Christos Gage, who’s now working wonders on the main Buffy book. #3 delivers another strong issue in this book, and once again manages to deliver a good character portrayal of Angel and Faith respectively for the readers to enjoy.

One of the problems that #2 had was the split between Angel and Faith’s storylines not working out as well as it should. However, #3 seems to address that problem – the balance is handled well and the flow between their respective arcs is improving, with Gischler starting to get a firm feel for the book now. What makes it better is that you can tell he’s a Buffy fan and understands these characters – they’re instantly recognisable as the Angel and Faith from the TV series and that recognition is helped all the more by the strong art of Will Conrad, and colorist Michelle Madson.

Conrad’s art continues to impress, and he’s consistently delivering some strong artwork that really gets the characters. Michelle Madson’s colors really enhance the book as well, with both artists giving it that Buffy-verse feel that really make it an entertaining read. It’ll be interesting to see if Gischler and Conrad eventually make the transition to Buffy in the same way that Gage and Isaacs moved from Angel & Faith in the future, because from what’s on show here seeing Gischler take on Buffy herself would be great fun.

Faith and Kennedy’s arc in this issue is handled well, and is very entertaining to read about. The issue sees Gischler take Faith out of her comfort zone and it’s interesting to see how this arc is handled, with Faith being very awesome indeed and one of the strongest parts of this book. Whilst nothing major happens here with either Faith or Angel, you’ll still want to try it out regardless.

The pacing has improved and Angel & Faith Season 10 #3 feels like a step in the right direction. Angel’s arc as he digs into the mysteries of Magic Town is handled very well, and we meet some old faces here and the cliffhanger that should have fans coming back for next issue allows for a very interesting prospect indeed going forward.

On the whole then, Angel & Faith Season 10 #3 is a fun, interesting read that should satisfy fans of the Buffy-verse. Whilst it’s too early to determine which book is stronger, this or the main Buffy title – both are putting out impressive showings and it’s great to see both books in such excellent shape.


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