By Jeff Parker & Paul Pelletier

In Aquaman #28, Aquaman punches a shark in the face and attends his high school reunion. I could end the review right there if I wanted, and I would expect everyone to rush out and buy it. Jeff Parker and Paul Pelletier have made this series their own in just a few issues, and seem to be having a helluva-lotta fun doing it.

Parker’s web of mysteries continues to intrigue me as we get deeper and deeper into his run. Aquaman finally learns about the Triton Base after saving one of their divers from ravenous sharks, and the mystery man that appeared in the first issue of Parker’s run still seems hell-bent on having a chat with the King of Atlantis.

He also deals out quiet a lot of fun by having Aquaman go to his high school reunion. His interactions with his former classmates is great, from the man who guiltily admits to keying Arthur’s car senior year to Mera squeezing information out of his high school girlfriend. It will all leave you smiling.

Pelletier delivers once again. He has been great on this book for a while now and nothing changes in issue #28. From Aquaman’s short but sweet brawl with some hungry sharks, to his interaction with the old high school swim team at his reunion, everything looks great.

I had been enjoying the new run on Aquaman so far, but I hadn’t been sure how much I was enjoying it. This issue cemented that decision in the “very much” camp. If you want a good ole-fashioned superhero comic that will leave you grinning ear to ear, then Jeff Parker and Paul Pelletier’s run on Aquaman is the place to start.


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