By Jeff Parker, Paul Pelletier, Sean Parsons, Rick Magyar & Rain Beredo

It LIVES! Aquaman #32 delivers non-stop action in a great story crafted by writer Jeff Parker. The story is brought to life by penciller Paul Pelletier along with inker Sean Parsons and colorist Rain Beredo.

Parker does a great job coasting between the different stories taking place in this issue. He introduces a character moments before jumping into a battle about to create a tidal wave (ocean jokes…classic). Mera of Xebel is portrayed as a formidable opponent even in sight of the Atlantean army. The scale in which the events take place in this issue are always big and the panels explode with the artwork.

This story provokes big stages to hold the action and Parker does well to script some very packed scenes. The creepy “he’s watching you” vibe thrown in from the beginning demonstrates the ability of one of this issues villains. Parker writes a character that is both intelligent and formidable against the might of the King of Atlantis. Each page is bringing another punch to the story and creating a book that is constantly pushing this issue to the very edge.

Paul Pelletier does a terrific job in creating the grand battles and frustrated looks of characters in peril. His details are intense and the colors done by Rain Beredo make the art pop with intense colors. From the moment Aquaman jumps from Batman’s jet on the first page we’re given great contrasts and details. Aquaman dives into the water and we’re shown a page playing with a lot of dark blue and black as something is out in the ocean searching for him. The pages following are jammed with color; bright oranges and reds really push the visuals and showcase talents by all the artists involved.

This issue introduces you to concepts that were brewing in issues prior and creates a potential jumping on point for interested readers. The story is very action intent and delivers on that notion. The art is explosive and tempts you to look into every little detail.


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