By Jeff Parker & Paul Pelletier

After Geoff Johns’s 25 issue run on Aquaman, Jeff Parker steps to the plate as issue #26 begins his time on the series. Parker brings a fun beginning to his first story while weaving new mysteries into the Aquaman mythos.

It is nice to see that Parker will be including more of the backroom politics that come with ruling Atlantis into the series. The members of his council remain unsure of Aquaman and his loyalties to the surface as well as Mera and her past. It will be nice to dig deeper into these issues.

Paul Pelletier remaining on the series as the artist is also a boon as well. His consistent style has served the series well in the past and continues to do so now. Arthur’s fight with the monster in Iceland has a great sense of scope, especially the stratosphere powered punch Aquaman delivers to the beast.

Parker and Pelletier deliver a great first issue to their run on the series. It will be exciting to see where this first monster filled story takes the King of Atlantis as we head into 2014. If Parker’s pedigree for great, fun comics is to be trusted, Aquaman is in for a pretty great new year.


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