Batman Eternal #2


By Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, John Layman, Tim Seeley & Jason Fabok

Batman Eternal returns this week by picking up right where the catastrophic event left off. Word is spreading across all of Gotham of Commissioner Gordon’s arrest and everyone (especially the Bat family) is in shock. Batman determined to prove his friend’s innocence discovers the identity of a major player…

Despite the fact that not a lot of plot progression occurs, this issue is full of fan candy. The creative team digs deep into the Gotham characters roster. Some people readers will be familiar with, others not so much. Seeing how these characters will impact the story is part of the allure and strength of this new series. What really excites me is how Eternal seems to hearken back to Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Long Halloween. Bringing some of that into the New 52 sounds like a narrative goldmine! This book continues to show the scope of the story by showing how practically everyone in Gotham City handles the breaking news. About eight different scenarios are shown across three to four pages. One can’t ask for a better immersion into the mythos.

Jason Fabok must be a kid in a candy shop because he is able to depict so many elements and people in the Bat universe and he does it beautifully. There is so much detail in every single and panel. Even the pages where Gordon is shown imprisoned talking to Batman, one can see the definition in the concrete cell and the subtle nuances in the facial expressions. I could go on and on about this artwork, but it’s better just to experience it!

Batman Eternal  is still on a roll and seems to be the fast track to prominence. Catch up, pick up the first issue and this one…you won’t be sorry.