By Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins, Tim Seeley, R.M Guera, Guila Brusco, Juan Ferreyra

“I’m just like you, Bruce. I’m just like you.”

It’s got to be nice for Bruce to have such a big family to look out for him, but unfortunately it’s most important member is missing – – and the person behind it all is just getting started.

James Tynion IV is on scripting this week to the story he’s written along with Scott Snyder. The city is finally trying to heal itself through force, but unbeknownst to those that grant the power this situation of martial law was premeditated…let’s hope the Bat-family can fix things in time. Tynion does well to remind the readers how important Alfred is to the team and what he means to Bruce. A flashback scene exposing a past between Hush and Batman shows us how far jealousy can drive a person mad – and to what horrifying extents they may go to prove themselves worthy of friendship.

R.M Guera is on art this week with colors by Guila Brusco, the flashback scene is done by Juan Ferreyra (scene showcasing Hush/Bruce’s past). Guera doesn’t take a necessarily detailed approach to the art this week, some scenes however a bit more than others. A scene following the flashback shows off his art style quite well, and works well alongside the colors by Guila Brusco. The scene features a raving Hush walking along cables of the bridge shooting wildly at Batman. Batman’s ears in this scene also stand out, perhaps an added glare, but they look like actual bat ears with the purple tinting on the inside. Small panels show the wild eyes of Hush as he grits his teeth in his manic attack. The flashback scenes by Ferreyra are a standout among this issue’s artwork. They aren’t met with the same color as the rest of the book, relying mostly on a pallet of red, orange, black, and white. The scenes aren’t soaked in detail, but the faces are well crafted and the intensity of the situations plays out very well through Ferreyra’s art.

This week we’re reminded of Alfred’s importance to the team and how much Hush really knows about Batman. Bruce isn’t alone in his mission to save Gotham, but the odds are still very much stacked against him.


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