By Peter J Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, John Kalisz

“Don’t try and stop me, Luthor.”

Batman continues with his intent to rescue the body of his son, Damian – that’s now on Apokolips! – in this issue of Batman and Robin. This time around we see him alongside close comrades as well as thinking of ways to outsmart his Justice League allies in his pursuit for the suit that will make him strong enough to survive Apokolips.

What’s great about this story by Peter J Tomasi is being able to see each issue how Batman is channeling his frustration and anger into this mission. He’s bringing a lot of emotion into it, but still able to maneuver and outsmart others in order to achieve his goals. Tomasi does the cape and cowl well, as he places Batman against different characters and shows off the strengths of the Dark Knight while in one of his darkest hours.

The artwork this time around is great too with pencils done by Patrick Gleason, inks by Mick Gray, and colors by John Kalisz. With so many characters popping up in this issue, we get to see Gleason’s take on much of Batman’s allies. The scene in the batcave we were left with at the end of issue #33 is where this one kicks off as Batman explains to Batgirl, Red Robin, and Red Hood (as someone else listens in) about the situation with Damian. Gleason does a lot of great play with the panels during this scene. One page in particular has a scene up top with Batgirl with her hands up as she tries to convince Bruce that he’ll need help on Apokolips. Gray’s inks and Kalisz’s colors work great together in this scene from panel to panel. The top one having a green background behind Batgirl with Red Robin and Red Hood standing behind her, the second panel splattered with ink behind Red Hood trying to convince Bruce and Red Robin chases after him. This scene is bright with color as the page to follow in drenched in darkness, as Batman explains more of the situation.

This story continues to build up to the adventure Batman is about to go on, while showing the reader a glimpse of what he’s leaving behind.


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