By Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera & Dean White

New series Black Science has just released issue four this month, which leaves you with a conflicted feeling. I mean it doesn’t feel like it was that long since the first issue was released and we are already to issue four. However, each issue is so enthralling that when it’s done you just want to read more and in turn that makes the month between issues seem twice as long. This series is shaping up to be an incredibly well done, sci-fi, dimension-jumping adventure that no one should miss out on.

Lately we have seen Rick Remender delve deep back into the world of creator owned comics and Black Science was his first and most ambitious series to date. After a jaw dropping first issue, it was interesting to see how Black Science evolved over time. So far, even though there has been plenty of action, it’s how he writes these characters that has really been a treat. Having our main character Grant McKay get injured in the second issue was incredibly surprising but also a very sly way to focus on the other characters who are all stuck dimension jumping together. This issue was the conclusion of our team trying to work together to find a way to heal Grant before the “Pillar” randomly jumped to a new dimension. Being stuck in a brutal war between WWI Germans and techno-native Americans was the worst place to try to accomplish that it this issue in particular shows the perils of that. The issue has an excellent ending with the team finding some sort of normalcy but it doesn’t look like it will last long.

It’s been a surreal treat to watch Matteo Scalera allow his imagination to spill on to the pages of Black Science. Every artist wants to draw monsters, aliens, battles and spaceships. So when you take such a talented guy like Scalera and give him a story like Black Science to run wild, it really showcases what this artist is capable of. The other really unique element of Black Science is Dean White’s extremely striking painted colors. Both White and Scalera together really set the tone for this book, which in turn helps make Black Science that much more enthralling. Just the first page of the German planes dropping bombs alone looked like a single striking piece of art. Then when you throw in the design for the new character at the end, this issue really does look remarkable from start to finish.

Black Science is the action-packed sci-fi thriller that you have been asking for; striking art, compelling characters and a gripping story all in one book. This team of creators are showing off their experienced skills and hitting us with everything they have. Every single issue has been magnificent to read and no one issue has felt less superior to another. Black Science just keeps getting better as it goes on, sucking you as a reader, deeper into its inter-dimensional abyss.


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