By Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera & Dean White

After narrowly escaping a dimension embroiled in an intense war in the previous issue, the Anarchist League of Scientists have seemed to hit a small reprieve.  However, it’s when their comfortable that their guard is down and that’s when trouble usually likes to strike. This latest issue of Black Science shows just how quickly things can go from bad to worse and throwing you a curveball that changes everything for Grant McCay and his family.

The appearance of the mysterious character at the end of the last issue is a big part of this issue but it’s also a spoiler that’s important to the story. So without ruining any plot for anyone, let’s just talk about how great Rick Remender is at writing sci-fi pulp. As a sucker for anything remotely sci-fi related Black Science really quenches a particular thirst that isn’t always easy to satisfy. Sure, there is a wide range of sci-fi comics out there to pick from, but not all of them can capture your attention quite like Remender does with Black Science. This is only issue five, but this book just immerses you into its story that you feel like it’s been around longer. Some very cool and interesting stuff this issue and after the crew jumps at the end, let’s just say things are looking any better for Grant and crew.

Everything Matteo Scalera has been doing so far in this series has been nothing short of spectacular. Seeing Scalera let his imagination run wild designing all sort of different creatures in various dimensions has been a delight. There is a fun chase scene that actually had a familiar feel from Scalera’s work on Dead Body Road last week. March has been the month of chase scenes for Scalera and there isn’t anything wrong with that. Even though the crew may be getting a small break from fighting for their lives, there is still plenty of action and twists that fans have come to know and love from Black Science.

Black Science has really perfected the cliffhanger ending; this latest one is no exception and is probably the best one yet. The next issue cannot come soon enough; Black Science is such an addicting read. Remender and Scalera make for a great creative team and it seems that this series is a perfect match for both of their particular artistic strengths. Sci-fi fans take note; this is a fantastic series really worth checking out.


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