by Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera and Dean White

The latest issue of Black Science brings the first story arc to an end. Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera provide their time traveling adventurers some closure. Feelings and frustrations that have been suppressed over the course of the story are brought to surface. By the end of the issue, differences are sorted out, the team finally comes together and just like previous issues there’s an ending that will keep the readers wondering until Black Science returns.

The urgency of a family lost both emotionally and physically is masterfully captured thanks to the story telling abilities of Remender and Scalera. This issue’s narrative is delivered by the inner dialogues of Grant and his current adversary Kadir. Grant’s inner dialogue allows readers to connect to the urgency and feelings of the character. Kadir’s inner dialogue is his way of rationalizing the actions he took, not only against Grant but to protect Grant’s family. After a beautifully illustrated chase sequence by the book’s co creator Matteo Scalera, Grant and Kadir argue their differences; both men strongly held that their actions were the correct course of action given the circumstances since the start of the adventure in issue one.

The dialogue between the two and the situation they both find themselves in is nicely crafted in way for both Grant and Kadir to come to terms for the benefit of Grant’s family and the remaining members of the science team. Grant’s family and the science team attempt to wrap their heads around recent events, one member surprising breaks up the spiral downfall enough so they are able to come together by the end of the issue.

Remender has not failed to create worlds that are imaginative and unique to this series. Scalera and White’s art make these worlds come to life on the page. Action sequences have speed and energy that is rarely and should be captured in the pages of most super hero books. The last minute saves that Remender writes up for his characters are wonderfully illustrated by the splash of lines, the dark pencils and facial and body expressions that are visually stunning thanks to Scalera.

Grant and Kadir have both made mistakes and they are both very aware of it. Both men make no excuses for their mistakes. Both believed their actions were the right ones for the good of all in involved. At the end of their confrontation, both are changed men by the end of the issue. This issue is end of the book’s first story arc. Remender gives the reader closure and some interesting developments that will impact the overall story when Black Science returns in July.


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