By Nathan Edmondson & Phil Noto

It’s been a long time coming for Black Widow to get her own series. Even before The Avengers movie became a worldwide success the character was always popular. It’s exciting that, thanks to Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto, Black Widow is finally getting her own series and even more exciting that the first issue is such a hit.

Edmondson makes sure to show off all of Black Widow’s skills, from disguises to hand-to-hand and weapon combat, and even her persuasive words, and how all of them help her get the job done. Edmondson also shows how Black Widow’s occasionally unorthodox methods for completing a mission can add to some fun in the issue.

It isn’t delved into much in the first issue, but it is hinted at that Edmondson will be diving deeper into what makes Black Widow tick. It will be nice to see her outside of her Avengers role, allowing her to be herself a bit more and do things her own way.

Phil Noto’s art is pinpoint accurate for this series and this character. His storytelling and use of white space in this first issue is superb and the way he draws Black Widow in combat is something to marvel. He portrays her attacks as violent, but also quick and calculated and it’s a helluva lot of fun to look at.

Black Widow’s first issue begins what is hopefully a very long look at a character who deserves more individual time outside of her Avengers capacity. With Edmondson and Noto at the helm, it looks to be a very good year for Black Widow and her fans.


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  • Was really looking forward to this but found it rather underwhelming. The art was fantastic, the writing wasn’t bad – not at all – but I found the premise a bit boring. I will still get #2 to give it a fair chance but #1 didn’t blow me away and I think there’s a danger of the whole atonement thing wearing pretty thin, pretty quickly for me

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