By Nathan Edmondson & Phil Noto

With the second issue of Black Widow, Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto deliver another mostly done in one story that continues to explore Widow’s motivations as well as her supporting cast.

Edmondson again nails all the fun aspects of spy mission thrillers. From underwater stealth kills and night vision scenes, to daring and near death escapes, this issue packs a lot of fun into it.

The issue isn’t entirely a done-in-one mission. Edmondson adds some interesting elements involving Widow’s lawyer that hopefully will be explored in future issues.

Noto delivers another great looking issue. He captures the finesse and care Widow takes while on her mission and also the speed and aggression when she is under fire. Widow’s scuffle with the Iron Scorpion looks great laid out with quick panels showing lots going on in a short amount of time.

Black Widow issue #2 is a successful issue in the new series. With some excellent and good looking espionage, the creative team is making the book a fun pick up and go title that will leave you with a smile on your face.


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