Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps #23


By Duffy Boudreau, Christos Gage, Al Barrionuevo and Matt Milla

This issue appears to be the end of the team up that was Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps. It’s almost hard to imagine that Bloodshot may have a book to himself again, as he did play well off of the rest of the cast. Wherever the book goes from here, it will hopefully maintain the same quality it has held since it was re-launched.

Duffy Boudreau and Christos Gage finish off this chapter in the Bloodshot chronicles on a pretty strong note. Even though we are aware that Kozol is a deviant, he is extremely likable. Boudreau and Gage continue to show us he is the man in this issue as he gets scolded by his superiors; he takes the insults for a little bit, until he gets pissed off and reminds them why they are powerful to begin with. Bloodshot also comes out of this issue as very likable. At times he can be seen as nothing more than a killing machine, but Boudreau and Gage do a good job of showing some genuine concern from him this issue as he tries to protect an ally. This is potentially the end of the Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps run, which is a bummer because no matter who takes over, this title is consistently well written and plotted out. Valiant has done a marvelous job re-imagining their characters and this series is a wonderful example of that.

The art this issue is done by Al Barrionuevo with help from Brian Level. For the most part this is a well drawn issue. The scenes of Kozol in front of his superiors have a dark feel to them, which is different from the rest of the book, but a nice touch. There is also a great panel of Bloodshot’s eyes, that’s all we see, but it’s all we need to see as we can tell from his eyes that he is scared. Some of the art seems to get a little rushed towards the end of the issue, but when you’re on a schedule that is bound to happen. Matt Milla should also get some love for his moody colors, which add a great deal to the pencils laid down by Al and Brian.

This is a little open ended and ambiguous conclusion, but it is a satisfying one. Valiant has been excellent in their story telling and continuity and this should have some effects on the universe moving forward. Boudreau and Gage end on a good note and leave many possibilities for team ups from the surviving members.