By Kelly Sue DeConnick & David Lopez

Man, this issue can put a smile on my face. Captain Marvel #2 manages to encapsulate everything I find fun about a comic in one issue. It has great action (space action I might add), some drama, and a truckload of on-point humor that makes this one of the best pick-ups of the week.

It’s clear that Kelly Sue DeConnick understands Captain Marvel. She also understands how to make a book that keeps the reader happy rather than bringing them down and stressing them out. It’s amazing how much DeConnick does with so little. The strongest parts of the issue are Captain Marvel having conversations with her cat Chewie, all of which are hilarious and spot on. Who hasn’t talked to their pet in times of stress?

In fact, Chewie the cat really is the scene stealer in this book. Her scenes with Carol are great but the scenes with Rocket are a downright riot. Believing that Chewie is actually an egg-laying Flerken, Rocket shoots to kill, which only brings more problems down on Captain Marvel and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

David Lopez’s art is great in this issue. Action scenes in space can be difficult to illustrate. Some going overboard, some go minimalist, Lopez manages to get it just right. Each panel is explosive and fun and Lopez manages to get both the look of fun loving, cat owning Carol Danvers and ass-kicking Captain Marvel down pat.

If you love yourself, if you love fun, do yourself a favor and read Captain Marvel.


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