Welcome to a new continuing series of articles, Character Spotlight! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing character profiles for each book in the Valiant stable as a way to introduce new readers to the characters. This week, we’ll be highlighting characters from the hilarious, action-packed buddy team, Archer and Armstrong.

Aram “Armstrong” Anni-Padda

armstrong Nicknames: He Who Must Not Be Named, The Antichrist, Aram the Strong, Sir Bors
Age: 10,000+

Skills: Superhuman strength and durability, immortality, extensive knowledge of history and world cultures.

Background: Once one of the greatest heroes in Ancient Sumeria, Aram of the Anni-Padda quested with his brothers to recover The Boon, a mystical artifact they were tasked with retrieving from The Faraway. Alas, Aram’s brother Gilad died during the mission, leading his other brother, Ivar, to activate The Boon, killing thousands of people in the surrounding city. This reaction caused Aram, Gilad, and Ivar to become immortal, but the three soon parted ways after that. Aram, who decided to go by the moniker “Armstrong,” spent the next several thousand years walking the Earth and running afoul of The Sect. After allying with Obadiah Archer, the two took the fight directly to The Sect, eventually dismantling the organization.

A huge thanks to Brett Simon for providing this character profile. Brett writes for Moar Powah! and co-hosts the Renegades: Talking Valiant podcast. Follow him on Twitter, @simonsezstuff.

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