Welcome to a new continuing series of articles, Character Spotlight! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing character profiles for each book in the Valiant stable as a way to introduce new readers to the characters. This week, we’ll be highlighting characters from the hilarious, action-packed buddy team, Archer and Armstrong.

Obadiah Archer

obadiaharcher Nicknames: Prodigal
Age: 18

Skills: Archer can access the Akashic Record, the collective unconscious of humanity. Essentially, this allows him to learn or copy any skill in existence, so long as he is in a situation where said skill is applicable.

Background: Raised in the Archer Compound in the American Midwest, Obadiah was trained from a young age to assassinate Armstrong, an immortal enemy of The Sect. After meeting Armstrong first hand, however, the two formed a bond and decided to take down the Sect together. After destroying The Boon, the team ran afoul of Armstrong’s brother, Gilad the Eternal Warrior, for accidentally killing the Geomancer. After the misunderstanding was cleared up and the new Geomancer, Kay McHenry, was inducted, the team set about defeating The Null led by Elliot Zorn. With cryptic clues to Archer’s origin in hand, the team infiltrated a Nevada base belonging to Project Rising Spirit before entering The Faraway. After Armstrong slept with Archer’s love interest, Mary-Maria, the two parted ways just as the Sect began a Civil War. As the smoke cleared from this conflict, Archer became leader of The Sect. The two friends reconciled, and decided to hunt down the secret of Archer’s parentage, taking them into conflict with Bloodshot and the H.A.R.D. Corps. After this conflict ended, they headed to Hollywood and entered the Hotel California, a refuge for the spirits of dead celebrities lorded over by The Lizard King. The duo defeated the Lizard King, but were still without answers to Archer’s true parentage.

A huge thanks to Brett Simon for providing this character profile. Brett writes for Moar Powah! and co-hosts the Renegades: Talking Valiant podcast. Follow him on Twitter, @simonsezstuff.

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