By Caleb Monroe, Mariano Navarro & Gabriel Cassata

BOOM! Studios really knows how to put out exciting mini-series. Each are usually different in both subject, manner and tone. There is literally something for everyone when it comes to checking out a new series from BOOM!. So when the debut issue of Cloaks hit the shelves this week, it was a no-brainer to check this series out.

Cloaks follows a young boy named Adam. He also happens to be a masked magician known as “The Kid” who gives flash-mob style magic shows in public places. Adam also uses his shows as opportunities to rob unsuspecting pedestrians who are mesmerized by his magic show. This was a pretty solid first issue, maybe a little too slow for just a four issue mini-series. Monroe does a great job at writing Adam as a cocky teenager, but without making him seem utterly despicable. The debut issue of Cloaks was a fun read and mostly centered around Adam’s life this issue, next issue seems like we will see a lot more plot development.

The art in Cloaks looked consistently solid throughout the whole issue. Navarro has a very clean style of art that suits the modern day setting Cloaks takes place in. Sometimes when telling a story set in the present real world, sometimes the art can feel flat or boring. However Navarro’s has this lightness to it that makes the story seem brighter. This is also thanks to the colors by Cassata, which amplify Navarro’s already crisp art. It’s nice to see an art team take a bright approach to a crime story.

Cloaks shows signs of promise and has a decent lead character. This series will be more of an acquired taste for some people. If you’re a reader who doesn’t really like stories about magicians might not enjoy this. However when it does come to the magician genre, Cloaks is starting off as one of the best. This was a good start but we will have to wait and see what the next issue has in store.


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