By Nolan T. Jones, Andrew R. MacLean, Pete Toms

“No one will miss your lost soul when I reforge it into something…stronger.”

Looking for your newest sci-fi fix? Colonial Souls – Phase 3: Pupa scripted by Nolan T. Jones sets out to present a new world within the stars as survivors of a dying race take jobs hoping to repopulate their race. How do they do that from taking jobs you ask? By using the souls they capture (they capture souls as freelancers…cool job right?) to place into eggs that can hatch and produce new pupas.

Issue #3 (4 issues total in the story) uses a bit of the beginning of the issue to show past lives of the two main characters/how things used to be – a male “protector” and his queen. This is a cool scene because in previous issues the male mentioned how he could remember his past lives, but the queen could not…but if she does remember…

The artwork in this series isn’t intent on detail – character wise, but there are some great worlds crafted by artist Andrew R. MacLean and colorist Pete Toms. A great scene in this issue shows the queen and her protector making their way through space, each wearing suits. Their progression from one point to another is displayed panel to panel, but the panels themselves seem to be floating in space as well – not lining up as neatly as usual, and this creates a cool element to the scene. The colors are also bright and the characters stand out from the black background of space – oh, and there’s also that crazy looking pink thing and the lime-green planets, those stand out quite a bit too.

Colonial Souls is successfully creating a new world, and with characters we want to see succeed. Issue #3 certainly changes everything though, and the future of their race depends on the survival on the queen.


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