Curse #1


By Michael Moreci, Tim Daniel, Colin Lorimer & Riley Rossmo

BOOM! Studios launches a new and intriguing horror title. Laney Griffin’s son is suffering from Leukemia and to cover the expenses for proper care he pursues the bounty of a murderer. Someone has been leaving mutilated bodies in the surrounding forest and Laney discovers the beast behind the heinous acts…

The creative team behind this comic clearly have a firm understanding of the horror genre. By using non-linear storytelling, writers Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel are able to immediately capture the reader’s attention. Seeing what is taking place in Laney’s basement was a shocking sight to say the least. What was a nice departure from the genre was the amount of time spent illustrating Griffin’s conflicts and his connection with his son. With this excellent character development in the first issue alone, one can easily empathize with character and actually care about the undoubtedly worse predicaments he and his loved ones will have to face.

The depiction of the crime scenes set against the snowy woods was a powerful dichotomy, even if it is slightly clichéd. The use of minimal color in those panels only adds to the dark, gothic tone of the book. Also the detail Colin Lorimer and Riley Rossmo are able to show in the character’s facial expressions perfectly accentuates the emotional drama the writer’s are trying to convey.

Considering I knew nothing about this book before picking it up, it was a surprisingly good read. If you are a fan of the horror or paranormal genre, then this comic book is right up your alley!