Curse #2


By Michael Moreci, Tim Daniel, Riley Rossmo & Colin Lorimer

The full effect of the curse draws closer for Laney Griffin. As he continues to keep the stranger tied up in his basement, the man chronicles his past with what will surely be Laney’s bleak future. Meanwhile, Sheriff Nora receives a revealing piece of evidence…

This issue may not have a lot “action”, but it continues to build the unease and tension in the story, which is exactly what it should do. It was very refreshing to have the stranger’s past revealed early on, instead of waiting until the denouement of the book. Also, the wild card character is introduced, so new conflict is brought in to keep the narrative taught. This comic is just a great example of strong storytelling.

The artwork continues to captivate! Artists Riley Rossmo and Colin Lorimer carry on truly capturing the emotional intensity of the characters. One panel in particular stands out: when Laney receives news from the doctor about his son. The panel is half a page and just shows half his face; it only fills up half of the panel and the rest is just the empty background. A deep sense of isolation and despair is conveyed in Laney’s face and the image composition…just brilliant. Also, the inking and coloring are just perfect. They suit the tone and mood of the book…perfectly setting the eerie atmosphere. The motif of having the flashbacks done in gritty sketches works very well and brings diversity in the pages. I can’t praise the work enough.

Curse #2 maintains this riveting story with superb imagery. This is a must buy!