By Greg Rucka, Russell Dauterman and Chris Sotomayor

Every father and son bonding moment should include tips on how to carry and fight with a sword, especially while on a day trip to planet Dixzit. The second issue of Cyclops includes some good fatherly advice which young Scott Summers seems eager to learn. Character and plot development are the focal points in this nicely illustrated 2nd chapter of a male bonding space adventure.

The supporting cast of Cyclops takes a backseat this issue, the main focus is on Scott and his father Corsair, Christopher Summers. Both characters are given a chance to let their personalities take center stage. Christopher’s actions and dialogue give credit to his swashbuckling moniker. Rucka is providing Corsair depth and personality that readers can identify with, which is important for the little reveals that occur to have an emotional impact further into the story. Young Scott appears to have been more star struck by his father and his surroundings in this issue, than the previous one. Missing is the overly worried and anxious Scott that was prevalent in the premier issue. This time Scott is prone to amazement and wonder. It is a fun to view the Marvel Cosmic through a fresh and young pair of eyes. Rucka has fine tuned both characters’ voices which make for a more pleasant and in some pages a heart warming father and son connection.

Russell Dauterman nicely captures the awe that Scott is experiencing. The choice of Scott’s wardrobe is a nice touch, adding to doe eyed teenager out with father motif.  The world of Dixzit is bright and wonderful, accentuating the lighter side of Rucka’s script. The background inhabitants are imaginative and original. Sotomayor’s colors enhance the brightness and provide a kinetic energy to the action scenes. The jagged panels during the fight scenes are a nice touch. The panel placement compliments the brightly drawn and colored actions scenes with a boost of excitement and suspense.

So far Cyclops has been a fun read and a good juxtaposition to character found in the darker Uncanny X-Men and All-New X-Men books. This issue’s focus on the two central characters is enjoyable, allowing readers to connect with the characters as they rediscover their familial relationship. The plot threads placed throughout the issue will hopefully produce more moments of connecting and depth to the relationship between Christopher and Scott for future issues.


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