by Mark Waid, Peter Krause & John Kalisz

Okay, so Road Warrior picks up right where it left off last time with some good, ol’ fashion Horn Head humor and then proceeds on a merry chase that includes laser shooting bikes, a guy with no heart beat and, of course, Daredevil himself. For whatever reason, this issue simply feels rushed–okay, maybe not rushed but it goes by fast. You just start getting into the story again and BAM, Comixology is asking you for your rating of the book you just read. It was just an odd feeling to be through it so quick, but when they come out every week maybe that makes up for it. Daredevil#1 is quickly approaching, after all.

By now, you know what is going to be said about Mark Waid, his Daredevil and his story. The guy is an absolute legend and if that sounds like a broken record, well, too bad because it’s the damn truth. So, with that said, suffice it to say we get the same top notch work one has come to expect from something with “WAID” on the cover. As for the art duo of Peter Krause and John Kalisz, they continue to take advance of the many possibilities for page layouts and designs that Marvel Infinite Comics presents. When Daredevil is trying to figure out an escape route it shows the train, as any sighted person would see it, but on the next click we get a scoped shot of how Daredevil is perceiving it and formulating his plan of escape. Little things like that really bring the art, and this comic, to the next level. Even, again, with added-in impact vibrations, for lack of a better way to put that, when Daredevil lands on the roof of a Police cruiser and the panel with the driver “shakes”with the sound effect of the landing.

There’s so many different ways to explore Infinite Comics that we probably haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. This trio of creators does a great job with the new technology while still telling an interesting story, even if it felt a little fast. Thankfully there’s going to be another issue next week so, for the moment, we can look past a super fast paced issue and just look forward to the final two issues of this prologue to the new volume of Daredevil that Waid, Chris Samnee and crew had spent 36 issues leading up to. Can’t wait.


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