By Matt Gagnon, Michael Alan Nelson and Brian Stelfreeze

It’s tough being David Reid. Granted, working as a day man for a vampire family doesn’t sound easy, but it’s even harder when you make a massive mistake. This is the dilemma David faces in the newest installment of Boom! Studios’ Day Men.

After five issues of this book, the writing has really hit its stride. Gagnon and Nelson give us fast and witty dialogue between many of the characters, especially David and Casey. One of the great things that have happened in these first five issues, is that Gagnon and Nelson really show David get his confidence up. This all comes to a head this issue as we really see him take charge, which is a reward for the loyal readers. This has been the best written issue so far from the series. Gagnon and Nelson are really giving many of the characters more personality as the series continues to push forward. We’re reaching the point in the series where you start to care about multiple characters instead of the main one, and that’s good writing.

The art by Brian Stelfreeze is amazing as usual, and the colors by Darrin Moore make them even better. Stelfreeze’s style is so unique and cool that it blows you away every time you see it. Whether it’s a fight with Pascale in a morgue or the opening pages of David in a club, everything looks fabulous. The colors by Darrin Moore also add a great deal to the book as well. The dark and blue tone to the first few pages are just wonderful and Moore’s colors are really exquisite in those first few pages. This is an art and color team at their absolute best.

Day Men #5 was the best in the series so far, however the delay is hard to overcome. Having a book come out every few months really hurts the readers. Having said that, the writing team and the art team are at the top of their games for this issue. Hopefully we won’t have to wait another few months for the next issue.


About The Author Jeremy Matcho

Jeremy Matcho is an employee of Amcom/ Xerox. He was born on the hard streets in Guam, and once met George Wendt at a local Jamesway department store. He was first exposed to comics at the tender age of 9, picking up X-Men #1. His favorite character then, and to this day is Cyclops. While he has been a Marvel fan for 20 years, DC is steadily becoming heavy competition. He also is the proud owner of a 2002 ford escort.

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