Dejah of Mars #1


By Mark Rahner, Jethro Morales & Marshall Dillon

Dejah of Mars follows Dejah as she hunts for her husband John Carter, who she believes has been kidnapped. She enlists the help of her son to more or less watch for suspicious people as she hunts down anyone who has the guts to get in her way.

This issue is not very new reader friendly. We are thrown into the action within the first page and it can be a little hard to play catch up. One of the more annoying things about this issue is that nobody seems to know anything, not one person. The number of questions asked, and I understand it is a mystery, is ridiculous. It seems that there are at least one to two questions being asked by various characters per page. Mark Rahner could have done a better job slowing things down for people not familiar with the material.

The art on this issue is done by Jethro Morales and his work is the highlight of the book. His fight scenes don’t lack any blood and they look good overall. There is also a nice panel of someone getting their head eaten by a space animal, which is always cool to see. Morales does stumble in the few flashback scenes that he draws, but not enough to take you away from the wonderful job he’s done on the issue. The colors are provided by Salvatore Aiala Studios and they compliment the art immensely. This was a very well drawn issue and a nice surprise by Jethro Morales.

Dejah of Mars is clearly a book for fans of the John Carter series, because if you’re unfamiliar with those books, you’ll almost certainly be lost. The art is nice and the bright spot of the issue, but it would have been nice if Rahner would have given a little more build up for this one.