By Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato

Continuing a great story line with Icarus storytellers, Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato present another great issue of Detective Comics.

Both Detective Bullock and Batman share the spotlight pretty evenly throughout this issue as corruption in the streets of Gotham continues to sway. With Bullock’s backstory coming into play regarding his old partner we get to see a side of Batman that defies his fellow detective’s police work. Batman and Penny-One have some great dialogue in regard to one of the gangs. A scene depicting Batman hanging upside down (like a bat…get it?) and sending his “partner” clues via their live feed zeroes in on how keen Batman is to the details – also giving a comparison to how Bullock and Batman differ from their approaches for garnering information.

The art in this series has just been phenomenal. Every panel is met with great colors and detail, the images play through the panels perfectly.  The very beginning scene is very dark, taking place right where issue #32 left off, as the water turns from green to blue depending on the light and kicking an issue off with a fight scene is always a plus. A two-panel close up of Batman’s cowl reveals his grizzled chin as everyone has their barrels pointed right at him. The last page in this issue is explosive, Batman and Bullock sharing the page and in a manner most convincing for anyone dumb enough to stand up to the Dark Knight.

In an issue packed with dialogue there isn’t any segment that seems unnecessary. The story is constantly moving at a great pace and delivering big scenes. Batman looks angry, punches everything, but makes sure to find important clues along the way.


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