By Stuart Moore & Gus Storms

The first issue of EGOs blew us away last month and the latest installment doesn’t slow things down one bit. The creators have something special going with this series, and things got pretty crazy in EGOs #2!

Where the first book provided a perfect introduction to the key points of the book and really pulled readers into this world, issue #2 was big on action. Deuce is leading his new clone team of EGOs into a direct confrontation with Masse the sentient galaxy, and things do not go well with this attempt. These scenes were both exciting and suspenseful, and the sheer brutality on display was surprisingly shocking. It also felt like this issue fleshed out Masse a bit more without requiring any direct exposition on the matter, and this really helps enhance the sense of panicked doom that precedes the coming of this pure destructive force. We’re also treated to plenty more scenes featuring the strange portal-jumping kid this month, and an enigmatic new character, the Strange Quark, both of whom have added a very intriguing layer of mystery to the story. Throughout all of the turbulence the characters experience in EGOs #2, there’s still that great narration given by Deuce’s son. Again, the conversational tone employed by Stuart Moore for the narration really adds a lot to this series and even throws in some subtle humor every now and then.

Gus Storms remains a phenomenal new talent in the industry with EGOs leading his way. The artwork in issue #2 was once again absolutely fantastic in every respect. The solid line work adds a unique feel to Storms’ illustrations, while this issue had some terrific attention to detail and overall designs. Both the characters and environments look great with wonderfully interesting and creative features in abundance. The vibrant colors in particular add a ton of depth to each panel. Masse himself looks incredible in this issue compared to the brief glimpse we got of this bizarre enemy in the previous installment. There are many panels featuring this monstrosity, and the sheer destruction is awe-inspiring, largely accomplished through the amazing visuals. The “battle” scenes, if a slaughter can be called such, were absolutely horrifying and really helped enhance the impact of this enormous problem the heroes face.

EGOs #2 really emphasized the chaos and destruction that underlies this story and just the overall appearance of Masse itself added a very dark, grim sensibility to the book. This issue had a lot of impact and cemented the series as one to watch out for.

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