By Jimmie Robinson & Paul Little

After its initial run of five issues, Five Weapons seemed mildly disorienting to return to. However, with the latest release of issue seven, this series is starting to find its groove again. Enrique was able to fool an entire school of assassins last semester but now he seems to have a rival who can not only outsmart him but grew up with him as his friend.

When Enrique was enlisted in school last semester, he pretended to be Tyler Shainline. Enrique’s family happened to be servants to the Shainline’s family so Tyler and Enrique grew up together as pseudo brothers. Now that the real Tyler Shainline is enrolled in the School of Five Weapons he seems to have a personal grudge against Enrique and is doing his best to make his life miserable. Five Weapons is the best series Jimmie Robinson has put out yet. Aside from a few transitional bumps in the previous issue, Robinson has picked up all that exciting momentum we remember from the first five issues and found creative ways to expand the world of Five Weapons this issue. Seeing Enrique (now the only school medic student) somehow end up in a worse position than last semester really stacks things against him, and has us readers wondering how he is going to get out of this downward spiral he seems stuck in.

The great thing about Robinson’s art is that it always looks so bright and crisp and it really brings a fun element to everything he’s ever worked on. Even though all of his art is consistently appealing, Robinson never seems to stick with one particular style. He may some small reoccurring elements in his art but for the most part his art seems artistic style seems to always be evolving. Not only is Five Weapons his greatest piece of writing so far but it’s also an example of his art form at its absolute highest. Every panel on every page looks so attractive and every character, down to minor background characters, seems interestingly fleshed out by their designs alone. Even if for some reason you didn’t like the story of Five Weapons, it’s still worth flipping through just for the gorgeous art.

Five Weapons is an incredibly entertaining series. Even I had apprehensions about this series continuing past its original planned five issues but this issue reminded me what made me fall in love with this series to begin with. It’s nice to have Five Weapons back with all of our favorite quirky school children and teachers. The only real problem with Five Weapons is waiting till next month to see what happens next.


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