By Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen, Aaron Lopresti, Art Thibert

Action! Drama! Deathstroke! And not necessarily in that order…

Futures End continues with a thrilling story as issue #7 caters to several different sub-plots brewing in this weekly series. Brain Azzarello and the rest of the writing team give high points to both Frankenstein as well as Batman/Terry with each getting into some action. Grifter’s involvement in something bigger is explained and that charming little girl talks more smack to people bigger than her (all while having a mouth-full of PB&J) including a certain assassin…with a certain eye-patch.

Aaron Lopresti is on art duties with inking by Art Thibert and colors by Hi-fi. Lopresti’s phantom zone scenes are a stand-out as he depicts a valiant Frankenstein fighting off someone seen towards last issue’s end. The fight between the two titans is great fun as they trade off punches – one trying to escape and the other trying to save his friends.

Batman’s scene is great too (Batman fighting in his “suit” while wearing pants and jacket was entertaining enough) as he takes on a rivalry that’s been in the works.  Details are spot on as Batman delivers the pain and dances around his advisory. Lopresti does well to depict something that’s been building throughout this series, even if it’s only a little taste of what’s to come. The surrounding scenery is much different from that of the phantom zone, but a park is just as good for a fight when it comes to a Batman known for acting first and asking questions later…if ever. A great panel shows Batman soaring through the air to deliver a kick to his foe with a shattering WHAM! (I hope those glasses were just a fashion accessory).  When situations get out of control it’s a good thing A.L.F.R.E.D. is there to keep him in check!

Catering to the many subplots it’s good to see more of Batman’s adventures showing up in this issue (and to be delivered with a WHAM!). It’s great to see so many characters getting pulled into the plot, making each week full of snippets as to what each of them is up to.


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