By Van Jensen, Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo

Continuing on with the large Godhead arc that pulls all of the Lantern books into the same story, Green Lantern Corps looks at the devastation committed by the New Gods on the most populated planet in the universe. In their minds, the test was worth the risk and inevitable loss of life, for a guy like John Stewart and the Green Lantern Corps, the New Gods have gone too far.

Once again the Green Lantern Corps is thrust into harm’s way (a growing trend for our poor ring slingers) and once again they’re up against seemingly insurmountable odds. Green light against New Gods doesn’t sound like much of a fight, but Van Jensen keeps it interesting and adds a few surprising twists and turns make it a fast paced, exciting handful of pages. After a great sequence like that, the breaks are pumped hard as Jensen turns back to a silent Mogo and, as much as it’s understandable considering it has the word “Corps” in the title, the work with Stewart and co was certainly more interesting than pulling back for a page or two on Mogo. It really just felt like it killed the mood and the energy of the book, even if it was just trying to get readers who might not be reading the rest of the Lantern titles up to speed.

Bernard Chang and the always wonderful Marcelo Maiolo are full steam ahead from the first page to the last. Chang’s character work is spot on, particularly his versions of the Kirby-created New Gods that appear throughout the issue, while Maiolo’s colors are simply phenomenal. The sudden flip to a minimal color scheme, like just reds and white, for an important scene or to really emphasize emotion really makes that panel stick with the reader and really adds that little something extra to the already great line work from Chang. That type of panel was used a fair amount this issue, but it never felt over used; in fact, when used like this, it’s something that’s really becoming a great signature look for Maiolo.

Without a doubt, the art shone brightest (get it?) but Van Jensen’s work still lives up to what we’ve grown to love about Green Lantern Corps. This is only Act Three of what’s going to be a very large scale Lantern Event, so there’s still lots of time to build to… wherever this is headed. If you’re into this crazy Godhead event, don’t leave out GLC. This group of creators delivers the goods and sets up next week’s New Guardians perfectly so don’t miss out!


About The Author Tyler Goulet

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