by Justin Jordan, Brad Walker & Andrew Hennessy

New Guardians #28 marks the beginning of the second arc for this new creative team who, really, set the bar extremely high for themselves in the first go ’round after taking over this title with issue #21. The idea of a “Godkiller” is not a new one and for those that read the other side of the Big Two coin, Marvel recently had a large “Godkiller” arc in Thor: God of Thunder, which was fantastic by the way, and it’s hard not to be immediately reminded of that when hearing a title like that. Hell, even Iron Man had a “Godkiller”, though it was giant armor, in a recent arc. The difference, aside from the obvious things, is that Justin Jordan and Brad Walker will undoubtedly bring something new to the table and they will, of course, do things in their own way.

Why bring that up at all? Well, these other storylines are so fresh in our minds that it’s almost impossible not to be reminded of them. Especially in the case of the Thor double-arc which left a lasting impression on anybody who read it. The thing with Justin Jordan and Brad Walker though, is that they’re going to bring us something new and different. Obviously the characters and setting and reasons, and publisher even, is different from what we’ve read, but so are both Jordan and Walker. So again, why bring this up at all? Because you can forget about the other Godkiller stories that you’ve read—and the two mentioned are more certainly not the only ones, there are probably more than people think.

The team of Justin Jordan and Brad Walker have taken New Guardians to the next level. They’ve made it a personal favorite of mine, and arguably the best Lantern title that DC is putting out right now, by consistently telling great stories that are accompanied by fantastic art. Brad Walker has a knack for space, constructs, and really, characters in general. Every panel, every expression, every motion is just seamless and executed to perfection each and every time. Not to mention all these different characters and species he’s getting to design and play with on this over arcing story about Kyle Rayner, for lack of a better term, “finding himself” and his place in the universe.

New Guardians is something you’re missing out on if you’re not already picking it up. They’ve gotten the exploratory first arc out of the way and now it’s full speed ahead. This team is giving it their all each and every issue and we can only hope that sales, and DC Editorial, let these two play around in this end of the DCU for a long time to come.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our recent interview with New Guardians writer Justin Jordan. Definitely one you don’t want to miss.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #28

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