Justice League #37


By Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok & Brad Anderson

The Amazo virus continues to spread and is on the verge of epidemic status. Batman and Superman have discovered patient zero, but capturing him or retrieving a blood sample prove to be more challenging than either of them expected. It’s time to bring the Trinity together!

The battle with patient with patient zero would be enough material for other creative teams to suffice for an issue, but Geoff Johns and his collaborators shift good amount this book on Luthor and why he created the virus in the first place. The juxtaposition of this villain character study with the intense fight sequence makes for a worthwhile read.

Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson skillfully handle the content. The commanding poses rendered for the Trinity evoke the awe these characters command, even against the ghoulishly intimidating patient zero. The tone doesn’t stop there; the struggle is set against a stormy downpour, making the stakes seem direr. Then the quiet moments such as the one between Lex and his sister, allow these two artists to show off their chops in a different form. The use of close-up panels shows Fabok’s attention to detail in facial expressions. Also, the transition between them when the tone of a conversation shifts are well thought out.

Justice League kills it once again (no surprise there!). Geoff and the rest of the team on this arc know this is a different direction than most Justice League stories and they are traversing it with caution, passion, and attention. One can’t ask for more. Justice League is a must read this week!