By Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, Tonci Zonjic & Dave Stewart

Lobster Johnson’s increasing conflict with the police has reached new heights of action and desperation in Get the Lobster #3. This miniseries has been another fantastic addition to the Mignolaverse vigilante’s saga, and this was certainly among the most action-packed issues.

Mike Mignola and John Arcudi open things up with Cindy Tynan being interrogated at the police station. Her banter with the fuzz was quite enjoyable, and the parallels between the hunt for the Lobster and the bootlegger mafia wars was an interesting point that provided more understanding of why the cops are after the protagonist with such zeal. Will Cindy turn on the dark vigilante? There were some interesting developments in this respect as well, which were actually quite unexpected. In particular, the theft of her research may have some serious consequences in the future. Some light was also shed on the murderous actions of the crazy wrestlers from the first installment of this story arc, which culminated in a wild plot and a ton of action. Seriously, this issue was very exciting and filled with high-stakes action that was paced with terrific precision. As a whole, Get the Lobster #3 really felt a lot like an issue of The Shadow, one of the classic pulp era vigilantes who influenced this series.

Is it just me, or does Tonci Zonjic’s art keep getting better? Sure, it has been fantastic right from the beginning, but this latest installment looks perfect! The character designs and overall style of this book is spot-on for the tone and setting of the story. The subtle minimalism is paired with some fantastic shading and expressive character features. The Lobster himself also looks perfect in this issue. This is one of the best Lobster Johnson designs we’ve seen, and he looks haunting and powerful in practically every appearance. Even the backgrounds are very well-designed throughout, which consistently lend a genuine pulp feel to the book. As always, Dave Stewart is a master of colors, providing work that enhances the depth of each panel and making everything more vibrant, while still remaining true to the tone of the story and the setting with a darker overall palette. The action sequences in particular were just terrific in Get the Lobster #3. The dynamics of the conflict and the suspense are conveyed really well throughout this book.

The artists involved in the Mignolaverse never slow down! Get the Lobster has been yet another worthy addition to the mythos of this fan-favorite character. The pulp feel of Lobster Johnson is at its peak this month, and this was a damn exciting issue overall.


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