By Fred Van Lente, Cory Smith & Mauricio Wallace

Magnus: Robot Fighter made its return this week, but this time it’s part of Dynamite Entertainment’s comic universe. This issue follows Russell Magnus living a normal life as a teacher and coach in a small town in an alternate 1945, or maybe it’s supposed to be 2045, they don’t really elaborate much on that. Here robots and humans live a simple life in harmony together. By the end of the issue, Magnus is displaced in time and lost in a world that seems to be filled with only robots and they don’t seem to care for humans at all.

This first issue of Magnus: Robot Fighter does a legitimate job of introducing the reader to the character. With a character like Magnus, who has a long history, it can be worrisome that new readers would have a problem getting into Magnus even if it is first issue.  Van Lente does an excellent job of making this first issue enjoyable for both new and old readers. Magnus: Robot Fighter is starting off well; it’s already established the main character, set up the story while leaving some mystery and kept the reader’s attention while also intriguing them to the point of wanting to read more.

Artistically, Magnus: Robot Fighter doesn’t just look great, but Cory Smith seems right at home handling this series’ art duties. Smith’s style is spot-on for this series, handling both the flashback at the beginning then smoothly transitioning into the ultra-futuristic present, was handled skillfully. Wallace’s colors also add a lot of what makes this first issue so great to look at. Since I brought up the past-to-present shift halfway through this issue, it must also be pointed out the difference in the colors on both halves. Using a dated sepia tone for the flashback of Magnus’ past, then the shock of all the vivid colors of the present robot controlled world, was remarkable. After this one issue it’s safe to say Magnus: Robot Fighter has a great art team working on it.

For being its first issue, Magnus: Robot Fighter is starting off well. Everything looked and flowed wonderfully while reading it, while the story was easy to follow but still left questions and mystery in the background. Magnus even beat the bolts out of a couple robots before the end of this first issue, as to avoid any cries of false advertisement. Magnus: Robot Fighter is worth picking up and checking out, it already has me curious to read the next issue.


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