By Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey & Jordie Bellaire

This issue may be very reminiscent to readers familiar with The Raid or Dredd. Moon Knight systematically makes his way up each floor of a building in an effort to save the hostage at the top. Ellis’ Moon Knight has an attitude and tone to it that still has no real sense of direction which feels much like the personality of Moon Knight. Each issue is intense, witty, beautiful and all its own.

The dialogue in this issue is sparse but expertly utilized and always well-timed by Ellis. There is often little need for any real dialogue as Shalvey’s art brings the attitude of Moon Knight to life in this issue. It is impossible not to credit Ellis and Shalvey as one storytelling entity for issue five. It’s exciting as Moon Knight calls out each floor as he leaves a trail of defeated enemies in his wake. Moon Knight makes his way through the building floor by floor so smoothly that the art is telling the true story. Moon Knight is the personification of what a quality writing and art team can do when working together as one.

Shalvey is not asked to provide as many striking visual moments as previous issues of Moon Knight, but instead is called upon to produce a ballet of brutal action. Shalvey choreographs action that moves at a frenetic yet structured pace. Shalvey still makes for an amazing full page spread of Moon Knight standing at the entrance of the apartment building with each floor towering over him. Bellaire colors the dark and grimy world sprinkling in sharp colors to accentuate movements and skilled thugs.

Warren Ellis is the master of unique single issue stories. Each experience is special and refreshing. The team of Ellis, Shalvey and Bellaire continue to create the next great first issue of a Moon Knight series with every issue.


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