By Joshua Williamson & Mike Henderson

The search for Carroll continues in issue two of Nailbiter. Williamson already throws in a few twists to the story that help to steadily build on the mystery established in the first issue. The issue moves at a well-thought out pace as Office Crane and Finch continue their investigation.

This issue gives the reader a little more time with Warren (The Nailbiter) and also introduces four new killers from the Buckaroo sixteen. One might expect the meeting between Warren and Finch to go the way of Silence of the Lambs but Williamson plays the realistic reactions someone like Finch might have (he wants none of it). Finch acts as a vehicle of exposition and back story for readers when he is being brought up to speed by Crane. This provides a reasonable and less noticeable way for Williamson to give information to readers. This is achievable due to Williamson’s management of the relationship between Crane and Finch. The dialogue between the two is realist, a bit flirty, and has a solid partner vibe even this early in their work together.

The timeline for issue two is probably only a few hours but has a high volume of excitement and developments that take place in that short time. Williamson does a wonderful job constantly introducing pieces to the plot that any reader playing along at home will want to take note of. By the end of issue two, the readers may find themselves already wanting to participate in a who done it style discussion.

Williamson has done a great job of hitting the right tones of a crime/murder thriller. This is only heightened by Henderson, whose art is on point and colored in a way that builds on panel tension. Henderson pulls off a POV murder scene in the style of a slasher movie to highlight issue two. Moments like this are the ones that further invest the reader in the mystery and the world of Nailbiter. As with issue one, there are a few panels of murder and gore but nothing is overdone to the point of feeling over the top. Williamson and Henderson focus mainly on the characters. Henderson draws everyone with a purpose. People are always in movement and appear to actually be conversing with each other.

There is a lot going on in Nailbiter and issue two only adds to the intrigue of this series. Whether it is the Buckaroo Sixteen, the horror, the crime drama, or the mystery, there is enough to satisfy any comic fan in Nailbiter. Issue two will have readers guessing the killer even though it seems too obvious, but maybe because it’s too obvious it’s a red herring to throw readers off but is actually the right answer, or it could be the janitor. Join the guessing game and pick up Nailbiter.


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