By Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen, Jesus Merino, Dan Green, Hi-Fi

Opening up once again with one of the more action oriented sub-stories to this series issue #12 of Futures End delivers some big moments!

The opening scene contains the characters seen on this issues’ cover. Frankenstein, Hawkman, and Amethyst supply the action to this story before some of the other pieces of this series comes to attention. A revelation concerning Frankenstein however leads to more potential hardship for him – something having to do with him having one of Hawkman’s arms? (Don’t worry…Hawkman grew his arm back, no problem)

Brain Azzarello along with writers Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, and Keith Giffen create another issue of Futures End composed of various mini-stories in an issue that seems to serve darker characters a bit more than previous ones. This issue contains a look into the softer side of Rampage, as well as offers an origin to how she came to be known as such – she’s the character that fought Superman when breaking Ethan out of prison. Her place in this story becomes even more pivotal, and how she will be presented in upcoming issues grows increasingly thrilling.

The artwork for this issue hit some high points as well as depicting a world that is familiar to this series. With pencils by Jesus Merino, inks by Dan Green, and colors by Hi-Fi the opening fight scene is fast-paced and full of “…a good beating” – as Frankenstein bluntly states.  The colors really come into play in new ways during the last few pages featuring a withered rogue to a certain Dark Knight’s gallery. The panels play with dark and light very well. And Hi-Fi does a great job in depicting that change in scenery. The portrayal of the withered villain is crafted in a haunting manner by Merino as Azzarello gives the character strong wit despite his circumstances.

With a final scene opening up a big moment in the history of two great rivals issue #12 of Futures End doesn’t disappoint.


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