By Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen, Patrick Zircher, Scott Kolins, Hi-Fi

“And with that, the past will be made correct.”

“What makes you so certain, Brother Eye?”

“Simply put, Father? Eye still exist.”

Brother Eye has created quite possibly the coolest/freakiest character ever with the crossing of both Batman and the Joker into a single body. What does Brother Eye plan to do with such an abomination? Save its own A.I.SS…(pretend that made sense).

This week we’re brought back into all our favorite action. Assuming of course your favorite action is also mine, which I hope it is, because I like to think that I have good taste. The story kicks off with Brian Azzarello and his fellow writers showing us once again the new Firestorm trying to learn how to control her powers and quickly jumps to The Atom still inside Father Time’s head – face to face with the Real Father Time – as outside all the others, Frankenstein, Black Adam, Amethyst, The Engineer, and Hawkman are fighting off the endless army of S.H.A.D.E. As seen on the cover (see below) by Ryan Sook, The Atom is taking on Father Time, but…that version of Father Time you just watched in Rudolph’s Shiny New Year isn’t the same Father Time he faces in The New 52: Futures End #34.

On the art side of this week’s issue is Patrick Zircher and Scott Kolins along with colors being done by Hi-Fi. A great page during the scene with The Atom vs. Father Time shows Palmer’s interference with the “real” FT causing its body to break down—in this scene the Atom emerges from the broken down body holding up the real FT as he gets taller and taller. Zircher’s artwork shows off the astonished faces of all the other heroes surrounding Palmer as he rises up – even Black Adam seems impressed! Hi-Fi does a great job to make the characters pop out from the page as the background is kept a light blue with streaks in the air as Palmer shoots up while holding the squid-like creature in his hand.

This week brought us back up to speed on where Terry is with his case – who has been listening in on his talks with the A.I Alfred? Also, what’s wrong with Frankenstein?! An image we saw weeks ago in the “Into the future” section finally arrives in this week’s issue concerning our favorite green giant (not that one, the other one).


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