By Brain Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, Jeff Lemire, Aaron Lopresti & Art Thibert

This multi-character fueled story keeps building up as this issue brings another character into the already plentiful storyline by writer Brian Azzarello. Last issue, we were given a small glimpse into where Frankenstein has been in refuge, but now he’s brought back into S.H.A.D.E and looks to be sticking around for a while.

The cover by Ryan Sook might just be the highest point of this issue as Frankenstein is shown not in the greatest mood while having his own arm slung over his shoulder (I don’t even think Batman could look that tough). In a purple splash almost cutting through the cover image of Frank there is an aggressive Amethyst, whom, along with Frank has been called upon by S.H.A.D.E. The cover alone is enough to entice someone to pick up this issue.

Azzarello brings a humor into the mix that has been trickled throughout prior issues. Most of the humor coming from Father Time (who at the moment is inhabiting the body of a child…yea…) as he explains to Frankenstein why he’s been brought back to work for S.H.A.D.E. Aaron Lopresti is on pencils and delivers a convincing world that Mr. Terrific has been improving with technology. A notable jester included in Frankenstein’s arrival to S.H.A.D.E headquarters is the scientist rocking the “Bride of Frankenstein” hairstyle when Frank is first teleported (I see what you did there Lopresti).

We’re given a quick reference to Batman (Terry) in this issue by a former Bat-Family member himself (Lois Lane outs his identity last issue at the end). Azzarello looks to be creating an interesting eventual confrontation between the two.

Grifter’s story is so far one of the most peculiar one’s as he continues to rid the world of intruders from Earth 2 that only he can see. He’s a character that serves to add a brutal/sci-fi theme to the story and he continues to be an interesting personality. Faraday returns as well and adds even more suspense come this issues’ end.

Between inker Art Thibert, art consultant Keith Giffen and colors by Hi-Fi we’re given a few scenes that shine throughout the issue. One shows an annoyed Frankenstein looking at Father-Time and Amethyst after his hand is “SHLUNKED” off. An eager for more Amethyst stares him down while Frank is just surprised to see her (Frank…your hand…).  Grifter is included in another detailed scene as he looks upon his latest handy (sorry Frank) work in a noir/crime scene image during his latest outing to rid the world of alien scum.

Future’s End does a lot to service different characters each issue. Being a weekly series it has room to explore many sub-plots to keep building the world Terry was sent back to save in issue #0. With the arrival of Frankenstein and other confrontations boiling, this issue gives enough to make you wonder what’s to come (as well as deliver your recommended dose of Grifter).


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