By Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen, Scott Eaton & Drew Geraci

Brian Azzarello along with Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, and Keith Giffen script another issue of Futures End jumping around the various sub-stories taking place within this series. A well written piece featuring Dr. Palmer reads like a journal entry and scenes are happening around it to show the reader what Palmer, Frankenstein, and Amethyst are up to. The story of those three is once again a highlight (maybe it’s the way Franky smiles). The scene featuring those three is followed by something reminiscent of the fight between the Mountain and the Viper (any GOT fans out there?) as the character featured on the cover gets quite the introduction (it will have you quoting Franky himself by shouting out “Melmoth’s Beard!”).

On the artwork side this time around is Scott Eaton on pencils with Drew Geraci as inker. The colors are once again done by Hi-fi. The amount of detail within the characters doesn’t appear to be consistent throughout the issue, but it does keep up well enough with issues past. The scenes featuring Palmer, Frankenstein, and Amethyst are given possibly the most detail, rivaled mostly by the scene that follows it. There is an image of Frank in space cradling a fallen hero in his arms that is met with great detailing by both Eaton and Geraci. Amethyst is in the background of this panel jetpacking away with silhouettes to create a nice dynamic to the image of Frank taking center stage.

Once again featuring a moment where someone’s arm is getting SCHLUNKED off we’re given another taste of the world leading up to total chaos. Azzarello and the other writers plot a story featuring strong characters as well as a lot of side stories brewing. Each issue you don’t really know who you can expect to see, but you can be sure something entertaining will come about.

P.S – Don’t make Fifty Sue mad.


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