Valiant Rai #6With all the new books being announced recently, it got me thinking about what Valiant could have in store for 2015. The solicitations for January will probably be announced this week or next, so let’s take a look at what could be for the new year!

  1. The Death Defying Dr. Mirage #5 – this is the last issue of the miniseries.
  2. Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel #3 – again, last issue.
  3. Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody #3 – this is a five-issue miniseries so it’s here for one more month.
  4. Rai #6 – uber excited about this series returning, and with a fresh arc starting in December, there’s no reason this won’t be solicited for January.
  5. Unity #14 – the introduction of the United in November makes Unity a go for a full arc so expect to see our favorite superteam in January as well.
  6. The Valiant #2 – is this series here yet!?
  7. X-O Manowar #32 – X-O Manowar isn’t going anywhere, especially not in the middle of the Armorines story arc.
  8. Ivar, Timewalker #1 – there aren’t enough words to express my excitement for a Timewalker ongoing, especially with Van Lente and Henry as the creative team.
  9. ?????

As you can see, seven of the nine monthly slots are filled with books we already know about from previous solicits, with the eighth spot being filled by the recently announced Ivar, Timewalker #1. So what will fill up that final spot?

There are a few options ruled out by the new books of course, but there are also some very serious possibilities based on what’s missing from the books we know about, in particular, the lack of a Harbinger title. December will see the release of a Faith #0 so it would make sense for Valiant to publish another #0 issue or miniseries based on one of these character and who better than Livewire.

Sure we’ve seen plenty of Livewire during Armor Hunters and in the Unity book, but how much do we really know about her? There were some hints about her past in the Harbinger ongoing series, but not much else since then. Since her introduction, Livewire has been a fan favorite and fans have been clamoring to see more of her. While a zero issue would be nice, I would love to see a miniseries featuring the character, and with nearly all the miniseries ending in January or February, there is plenty of room for that to happen.

Another real possibility would be a book related to Archer and Armstrong, while Van Lente may be busy on the Timewalker ongoing, there’s nothing saying he couldn’t have been working on a one-shot or miniseries featuring these characters. Karl Bollers did a terrific job with Archer and Armstrong so he or someone else could pick up writing duties for the book and do just as fine a job as well. People who have read Archer and Armstrong love the characters, and I think it would be great for Valiant to offer some fan service to those devoted fans – myself included.

What do you think? What will fill up the ninth spot? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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