by Kurtis J. Wiebe & Roc Upchurch

Rat Queens returns this week after a small hiatus. Before they took a break, we were left with a pretty big cliffhanger ending. This issue is actually a look at Violet’s past before she joined up with her fellow Rat Queens. This was a nice way to bring back the story while giving us some back story on one of the Queens.

Upfront, it feels necessary to say that this reviewer’s favorite Rat Queen is Violet, so this review might be slightly biased. That out of the way, it was nice seeing what life was like for Violet when she lived among her dwarf kind. We even get to see her beard we had previously heard all about from her brother. Wiebe did an excellent job of showing off the dwarf culture and also revealing the reasons why Violet had decided to leave her life there behind. Again, a great way to ease the readers back into the series and do some great character development.

Rat Queens is one of the best looking books out there. This is thanks to Roc Upchurch on both art and colors. Let’s face it; Upchurch’s designs are the Rat Queens. His art really does an amazing job of building this world in which our Rat Queens reside. His beautiful colors have a painted style that gives Rat Queens that medieval feeling. Personally, my favorite page in this issue was the one where we are introduced to all of the different dwarven clans’ warriors. Just getting to see each clan’s emblem behind them which matched their clan name was so much fun to see.

What can you tell someone who isn’t on the Rat Queens train yet? It’s a great fantasy series that people who don’t even like fantasy stories can enjoy. Even though we know who the ladies are from reading, it’s nice to have a glimpse of where they came from. Rat Queens continues to deliver an enjoyably rowdy read. It’s great to have them back.

Cover by Tyler Jenkins

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