by Peter Milligan, Cary Nord

The story

After the events of the first issue, Gilad manages to save the child from being killed by the Magyar soldier, only to find out that there isn’t just one child – there are two! Contemplating on the words of the Geomancer, Gilad decides to save the eldest child as he is the one with the clearest mark and places him in a home with some old friends to be trained as a warrior. The problem is that the child wants to know nothing of fighting, but instead becomes the minstrel at the local pub. Through the 20 years that transpires during this issue, Gilad comes to realize that he may have saved the wrong child as he sees no way for this poet to become the savior of his people. He tracks the boy down and decides to kill him to correct his mistake, though unbeknownst to him, the other twin brother has been killed by a band of Magyar soldiers looking for “terrorist” groups.

While I loved the first issue, I was a little disappointed by this second outing. Maybe I feel like a character named Eternal Warrior should be constantly involved in some kind of action packed struggle, and this issue is just not full of action. That’s not to say that Gilad isn’t constantly fighting, in fact, it seems as though he is involved in some kind of battle through the years that pass in this book but they are not central to the story and so are just seen in passing and are just narrated by Gilad in passing.

On the plus side, the story is rather very intriguing and all the characters have very unique personalities which interact quite well. While I would love to see more of Gilad in action, I am really enjoying seeing the inner struggle he deals with on a daily basis. It must not be easy to always be on a mission to save the world, and knowing one will never die and I like how Milligan is showing us a different side of the character.

The art

What else is there to say about the art that I haven’t said in the first issue. The art team of Cary Nord on pencils and Brian Reber on colors is superb and really capture the look and feel of the era perfectly. I know that I complained about a lack of action in terms of the story, but each and every panel is visually striking and appealing.


While not my favorite Eternal Warrior story, this issue fits in well with the overall arc of this miniseries. Even through some of the story faults, Eternal Warrior Days of Steel #2 is worth picking up at the very least for the eye candy the art team brings to the table.

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