Quantum and Woody #12 marks the final issue of the current volume of the series, but we’ll be seeing more out of the duo in the near future starting next month with The Delinquents. The entire series run has been tons of fun and this issue is no exception.

The Story

1404428646263screencaptureJames Asmus’ writing has been consistently strong with every issue and wraps up Quantum and Woody’s story nicely with this one. There are few writers I think could write these characters as well as Asmus and it’s no surprise that Valiant will continue to trust him with writing duties in The Delinquents.

Issue 12 shows off the sense of humor and obviously self-aware characters really well. The panel about Quantum complaining about comics with multiple artists is great, considering there are three different artists in this issue. Additionally, the banter between Quantum and Woody, and the completely insane Thomas Edison are hilarious. This issue does not fail to impress.

The Art

Art duties for the book are handled by Wilfredo Torres, Erica Henderson and Joseph Cooper and fits the atmosphere of the book quite well. Quantum and Woody are definitely cartoony characters and the art style shows that off. The panels are well defined and flow quite well into each other.

The Thomas Edison backstory halfway through the issue switches the art style completely, offering a throwback style reminiscent of newspaper strips of the 40s and 50s. It was a little disconcerting to see, but really complimented the extremely zany story well.

Allen Passalaqua handles the color for the issue and knocks it out of the park. I love his work in Shadowman: End Times and he does it again here.



This issue was a great ending to a wonderful run by James Asmus. The book was as quirky as ever, and left me wanting to see more of Quantum and Woody having reconciled and now working as bounty hunters. I hope we get a future volume chronicling those adventures.

While not a good starting point for new readers, fans of the book will be pleased with the story.

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