by Matt Kindt, CAFU

This week sees the start of a brand new arc for Valiant’s superteam. How will the United change the teams mission? Find out in our review of Unity #12!

If for some reason you’ve been waiting to start reading this book, now is the perfect opportunity to start. Unity #12 is not only the beginning of a new arc, but also a great jumping on point not just for this book, but for the Valiant universe as a whole.

Much of the story is told through the eyes of Livewire in the form of an interview with a television reporter. It seems that the coalition behind the Unity team has decided that Livewire will serve as the public relations officer for the team, which really is a great choice, considering Gilad’s generally dry, and Ninjak’s refusal to make public appearances. Through this interview, we learn not only what the Unity team has been through since they first met Aric in the X-O Manowar ongoing, but through the various arc, and into Armor Hunters. Even as someone who reads every book each week, I wasn’t bored by the recap of the past year, which is a great nod to Matt Kindt’s talents as a writer.

Without going into any spoilers, there is also a great of information – and misinformation – about the behind the scenes of the team as well which helps a great deal in not only development these characters we’ve come to know and love, but also the universe as a whole. The introduction of the United is brief and much of it is spread out through the entire issue, which really builds up excitement for that last page of the book.

Did I forget to mention Faight is officially a part of the team? I know that has a lot of fans excited!

CAFU’s art continues to excite me. Even though I love his work, I was a little apprehensive when it was announced that he would be taking over art duties for Unity, but his style really suits the book quite well. There are some really great panels in this issue, particularly at the beginning as Livewire recaps the history of Unity and we get glimpses of past incarnations of the team. My favorite panel has to be Gilad and Ninjak ascending through Gin-GR, their new home base.

Brian Reber provides colors to the book with the high level of quality we’ve come to know and expect from him and the rest of Valiant’s color team.


If you’re a Valiant fan, there’s no reason not to pick this book. While I’m a little saddened to see Aric take a lesser role in the team, the introduction of Faith to the team will certainly make for some interesting stories and a fun team dynamic beyond what Gilad and Ninjak’s team-ups bring. Buy this book!


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