By Scottie Young & Jean-Francois Beaulieu

“I am Groot!”

What’s that? Oh, alright. I thought for a second you said you weren’t reading this series…because you need to be!

The “words and art” done by Scottie Young in this series is befitting to the character of Rocket Raccoon. The art is playful and cartoonish while the dialogue is…well…have you seen the movie? Rocket is a character with a wicked tongue and luckily is best buds with a super strong talking tree – he likes to talk a big game. This series shows that this little raccoon is able to throw punches and deliver a solid story throughout. Young’s crafted a tale that’s already shown off some of Rocket’s talents as this issue brings him from one problem to the next.  He is detailed in his work and Jean-Francois Beaulieu’s colors are the perfect match.

A great scene depicting their work is a two-page spread showing off Rocket’s universally famous prison breaks. The panels work together to a create a maze effect as he travels throughout pipes and various rooms – all while taking out guards and robots beside his best pal. Beaulieu uses vibrant colors and gives each panel an array of contrasts. In the prison break scene he uses a lot of purple/pink to depict the prison backdrop as Rocket and his faithful companion Groot make their way throughout the maze in their colors as seen in the movie.

Young is creating a story with a mysterious background while also bring the %$@#! whenever Rocket is around. This series brings the humor you’re looking for, the visuals you’ll get lost in, and the story you want to read!


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